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Our expertise

MAG’s industry leading products are a distillation of decades of experience. We support our clients to create effective and resilient carbon market strategies, analysing their carbon market risk to safeguard against uncertainty.

We work with some of Australia’s and the world’s biggest companies and most innovative carbon market participants.

We have connections to almost every project developer in the industry and have provided advice to federal and state governments, councils and not for profit organisations.

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Together, we provide the most comprehensive range of skills, knowledge and expertise available in the Australian carbon market.
422 million tonnes of Emissions reduction required to meet the 43% National Target
16.7 million ACCUs issued (as of end of August 2022)
3.9 million ACCUs voluntarily surrendered (as of end of August 2022)
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At MAG we strive to make the complex understood, to mitigate risk and maximise opportunity in the carbon market, aligned to our clients “why”.

Educational empowerment
Before you can plan a strategy, you need to have the right information, including future supply and demand estimates and a robust future price forecast.
Options analysis
We provide independent expert advice on all areas of the market, and we take time to explain all the options, without bias or favouritism.
Actionable strategies
Once MAG have worked through the Options Analysis direction is needed to ensure successful outcomes. We focus on creating the strategy to support the solution that’s right for you.
Targeted implementation
Our team offers an end-to-end service that spans the full spectrum of carbon solutions, from sourcing ACCUs, to risk analysis, project implementation, to ultimately selling ACCUs.
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Our reach, project impact

MAG's project impact, delivered on behalf of our clients, is extensive and unparalleled, with reach throughout the whole of Australia.

We have worked all over the country and map solutions to fit the ecological and climatic factors of the region. We support project success through our geospatial design and analytics.

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Canberra, Australia
Market Advisory Group Head Office

MAG’s commitment to a sustainable future

MAG is a collective of subject matter experts coming together to make a positive impact. We are driven by our commitment of working towards a better future both today and tomorrow.

We work to maintain a small environmental footprint and seek to conduct our operations in an environmentally sustainable manner.

Meet the team.

Raphael Wood
Cuong Tran
General Manager
Lachlan Ince
Shreya Hegde
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