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We are independent expert advisors with a breadth of experience and knowledge in Australia’s carbon market.

Setting the right foundation

The pace of change and complexity in the carbon market, resulting from years of differing policies, means that it is essential to reaffirm and confirm existing knowledge on the Australian Carbon Market and bridge any gaps to current market understanding.

A firm understanding of the market will set the foundation for building a successful carbon solution.

Carbon Markets for Decision Makers

The Carbon Market for Decision Makers is the culmination off MAG’s substantial knowledge of the Australian Carbon Market. The details of this report have been designed to inform key decision makers, equipping them to navigate risks and seek contextually aligned opportunities. The report examines the past and present state of the Australian Carbon Market so you can look to the future with insightful guidance.

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Options Analysis

Is your business seeking carbon offsets for a liability, or looking to actively participate in generating offsets? If so, it is crucial to understand and analyse the options available.

MAG will help you navigate and explore the opportunities to ultimately home in on the outcome that aligns best with your business’ values, strategy, budget, and risk tolerance.

The considerations required to have a successful strategy are vast and are built from a strong foundational understanding of the market and relevant options analysis.
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Domestic policy changes as well as the policy of individual nations or governing bodies such as the United Nations or European Union, can have significant effect on the Australian market. To build a robust strategy that is ready to meet the uncertainty in the market you need the unique insights that MAG has to offer.

We’ve spent decades learning and understanding the nuance and complexity of policy driven carbon markets to guide our clients to a solution tailored to their individual needs.

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Data Analysis

MAG was the first organisation to develop a bottom up long-run marginal cost price forecast of ACCUs.

This is a well-developed and dynamic price projection formed by the analysis of the cost of new supply and impact of changing demand.

Strong carbon market analysis underpins all our work at MAG and ensures our clients are getting the best in market transparent advice with detailed reasoning.

Technical Due Diligence

Buying an existing project

MAG’s unique combination of regulatory experience, and professional subject matter expertise mean we can offer a range of expert Technical Due Diligence Services.

We will provide an honest assessment of the risks, regulatory or environmental, of an existing project or portfolio. We look closely to analyse the current performance of the project and highlight potential future risks.

Buying offsets

A tonne of carbon is a tonne of carbon, but not all offsets are created equally. To ensure you get what you need, MAG will work with you to develop an Offsets Purchasing Framework which is aligned with your business’ risk tolerance and identity and help source units that match your requirements.

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