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Our purpose

Founded on transparency and independence, we seek to provide the most authentic and dependable advice to anyone who needs it.

Truth empowers change.

We want to create transparent and dynamic environmental markets in Australia, and we believe we can do that by offering the most robust, up to date advice so everyone else can get on with decreasing carbon emissions.

We bring a different perspective to your company, contributing exceptional value through knowledge of all aspects of the market – supply, demand and government regulation and policy.

Truth is the disruptor.

At MAG, our light is powered by principles rooted in responsibility. We are there for the companies and organisations that are seeking tailored advice in a sea of sameness.

We share our light impartially, courageously illuminating discrepancies, providing transparent facts and honest opinion from a trusted source.

Our Story

MAG was founded in 2018 with a strategic focus, to help develop and facilitate the growth of the Australian carbon market.

Since then, we have grown significantly to meet ever changing and evolving market needs.

Our team of experts has developed to stay a step ahead, to be your guide, partner, and advisor.

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The building of MAG

MAG was initially founded to provide independent and transparent advice to Australian Carbon Market participants.

We have grown from four subject matter experts looking to make a positive impact, to a dynamic team with skills that crosscut the whole industry from education to implementation.

Our journey has been organic, in-step with industry, and crafted by those we work with, as we strive to solve ever more complex problems in carbon and environmental markets.

Interested in joining the MAG Team?

Every person within MAG is a star in their own right. Creating great outcomes is about knitting together the right stars to make a constellation.

MAG has a cultural focus on Mastery, Autonomy and Purpose. Our clients get the best outcomes when we come together to create value that is greater than the sum of its parts.

A successful team member at MAG will be self-motivated, passionate about making positive change, and enjoy working with others to solve complex problems.

Our super-power is in our collaboration, we embrace each other's unique styles, and values to maximise our combined impact.

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Ready to be empowered? Contact Us.

We want to understand your ‘Why?’. To help us connect you with the right person in our team, please provide us with a few sentences about the challenges you are facing.