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Who we are.

We are independent expert advisors for participants in Australia’s growing carbon market
Be the change

Truth empowers change.

At MAG we operate with absolute integrity, with each other, our clients, in our industry and the world in which we live. The carbon market is polluted with unnecessary opacity and hidden agendas. This makes no sense to us.

We decided from the outset to be entirely independent, delivering transparency by aligning the knowledge of our expert team.

The ultimate disruptor.

We value truth as the ultimate disruptor and believe in offering a progressive perspective, innovative solutions, and nurturing long term, sustainable relationships.

That means when you engage with our team – whether for Advisory or Project Services – the entire process is expertly managed and informed by independently and transparently sourced and tested advice.

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What we do

MAG are active proponents of climate solutions and the acceleration of carbon markets.

We have a tried and tested track record in providing key players with the tools to understand, interpret and take practical action in the emerging carbon opportunities.

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Latest News
Keep up to date with all the latest happenings at MAG, as well as hearing our insights on current industry trends.
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Aurecon expands into carbon market advisory with major acquisition
International design, engineering and advisory company Aurecon has agreed to acquire Market Advisory Group (‘MAG’) to bolster its capability in carbon markets across the Asia-Pacific, providing clients with a comprehensive toolkit for decarbonisation while helping them navigate this rapidly evolving area of the economy.
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Our values


We pursue authentic joy every day. We actively invite joy in what we do, how we do it, and who we do it with. We believe that valuing joy genuinely opens us up to new ideas, leads us to inquisitively explore solutions and makes us more resilient against adversity.


We are committed to transparency, to behaving openly, honestly and with integrity. It’s not a one-off effort; it’s a choice that we continually make in all our daily decisions to build absolute trust in our team and with our clients.


To try and fail is ok, but to do nothing isn’t. We bravely embrace change, encourage our team to take initiative and celebrate those who swim against the tide.


We regularly and willingly accept critique, new perspectives, and constructive feedback to improve ourselves and our ideas. We leave our egos at the door; never assume we have all the answers and view mistakes as learning opportunities.


We display rigour and robustness in what we do and are guided by evidence-based, intellectual vigour. We have an obligation to get it right and that takes time, passion and attention to every detail.

Our team; every angle of the Australian Carbon Market covered.

Meet the team.

Raphael Wood
Cuong Tran
General Manager
Lachlan Ince
Shreya Hegde
Heather Layzell
Justin Glass
James Turnbull
Nicole Joffe
Advisory Lead
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Our commitment to

As a small business providing consultancy services, we have a small environmental footprint, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t always seek to conduct our operations in an environmentally sustainable manner.

MAG is strongly committed to our own environmental performance and has undertaken several measures to both evaluate and improve on our sustainability objectives.

This includes developing our very own Environmental Management Plan. The EMP is updated annually to reflect any changes in state or federal legislative instruments and material changes to our operations.

It remains our most powerful tool to guide and direct our environmental performance – because it specifically outlines the responsibilities and accountabilities from each member of the MAG family.

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